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Advanced Pistol Mechanics

Advanced Pistol Mechanics, handgun self defense training class by Jacob Little and Natalee Weidner from the Warrior Monk Academy in Sioux falls South Dakota. gun school, private coach, firearms instructor.

Advanced Pistol Mechanics


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A high-caliber experience designed for those ready to take their proficiency to the next level. This comprehensive course delves into advanced concepts and usage, equipping you with the skills needed to navigate real-world scenarios with confidence and precision. Explore dynamic topics such as movement while shooting and guarding against unauthorized access. Our expert instructors guide you through techniques that enhance your ability to engage threats effectively while on the move. Master the art of utilizing cover and concealment, gaining insights into strategic positioning that provides both protection and a tactical advantage. Learn how to counter-ambush bad actors and proactively address threats in a dynamic environment. Our class goes beyond the basics by addressing the crucial aspect of fighting off unauthorized access to your handgun. Discover techniques to retain control of your firearm in various situations, ensuring your safety and maintaining control over your defensive tools. Navigate transitional spaces with confidence as our instructors share insights on identifying potential threats. From crowded areas to confined spaces, develop the ability to assess and respond to situations quickly and decisively. As a testament to your achievements, students have the chance to be awarded belts based on three core drills in the class. These drills evaluate your speed, accuracy, and consistency, providing tangible recognition of your progress and mastery. Develop the skills needed to face real-world challenges with confidence, precision, and a tactical edge. Because when it comes to personal safety, advanced training sets you apart