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Holster Development

Holster Development, , handgun self defense training class by Jacob Little and Natalee Weidner from the Warrior Monk Academy in Sioux falls South Dakota. gun school, firearms instructor.

Holster Development


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Enhance your ability to draw quickly and safely. This comprehensive course is not just about drawing; it’s about understanding what makes or breaks a good holster, refining your skills through targeted drills, and ensuring safe carry positions. Our expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of holsters, helping you discern the features that contribute to a reliable and efficient design. Learn the secrets of selecting the perfect holster that complements your lifestyle while ensuring both speed and safety in your draw. Master the art of drawing from a holster with drills specifically crafted to improve and maintain your proficiency. From muscle memory development to refining your technique, this class hones your skills to be second nature, providing you with a decisive edge when it matters most. Safety is our top priority, and we dedicate a significant portion of the class to discussing and practicing positions that are safe for carry. Understand the nuances of holster positioning to ensure you can draw with speed and precision while always prioritizing safety. But our class goes beyond the basics – gain insightful tips and tricks for carrying your handgun more comfortably, making it seamlessly integrate with almost any wardrobe. Whether you’re in professional attire or casual wear, we provide practical solutions for discreet and comfortable carry. Develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to draw quickly and safely, making your concealed carry a seamless and integrated part of your lifestyle. Because your safety and comfort deserve nothing less.