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Natalee Weidner


Natalee Weidner

The Range Monkey

Natalee is a bright and skillful instructor. She is one of the personalities of Active Self Protection Extra and does many videos with them as the Range Monkey. Natalee started Her Instructing career in 2020 with her mother and father helping teach classes alongside A.S.P. She soon started teaching one-on-one lessons in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since then she has continued teaching and coaching locally as well as nationally. Natalee has trained with a lot of the top instructors in the country and has also taught right alongside them. She is the Co-owner as well as the Head Of Instruction here at Warrior Monk Academy.

Natalee Weidner Teaching Holster Development and South Dakota Enhanced Concealed Carry Class. She Is Co-owner and Head of Instruction at Warrior Monk Academy LLC. You are worth defending Use of Force instructor. Is also the Range Monkey from The Chronicles of The Range Monkey on Active Self Protection Extra YouTube Channel.

Note-Worthy Accomplishments

  • Has Instructed At The Guardian National Conference Held By Concealed Carry INC
  • Has either Attended/RSO’d/Instructed at every single ASP National Conference Held By Active Self Protection
  • Has RSO’d At The Mingle Held By The Complete Combatant 
  • Currently Instructs With Warrior Monk Academy / Active Self Protection / Kaery Concealed Inc.
  • Has Over 100 Videos On Her Youtube Series Called The Chronicles Of The Range Monkey on The Active Self Protection Extra Channel Where She takes classes, does Dry Fire practice, and works on honing her skill as a teacher as well as a student.
Natalee Weidner, Head of instruction and co-Owner of Warrior Monk Academy Teaching at the Oklahoma City Guardian Conference in 2023 deliberately coaching a firearms student

Classes Attended & Certifications Received

  • One-on-One Pistol Shooting sessions with John Correia 
  • One-on-One Teaching sessions with Chris Bean
  • One-on-One Skill Lessons with Neil Weidner 
  • One-on-One Teaching sessions with Kaery Dudenhofer
  • One-on-One Teaching sessions with Stephhanie Weidner
  • Nikolus Vantines: NRA RSO Training
  • ASP: 6 Month Instructor Development Cohort
  • Brian Hill: Deliberate Coaching 
  • Neil & Stephannie Weidner: O.C Instructor 
  • Kaery Dudenhofer: Sniper Pistol
  • Stephannie Weidner: Creeps 
  • Neil Weidner & John Correia: Church Security 
  • Neil Weidner & Christopher Bean: Sub-Second Draw
  • Massad Ayoob: Mag 40Brian McLaughlin: Trauma Medical In a Hostile Enviroment
  • Sanford: Stop The Bleed
  • Nikolus Vantine & Jacob Little: SD Enhanced CCW.
  • Warren Wilson: Phobic Students 
  • Ross Hick: Bad Guys
  • Tim Reedy: Range Readiness
  • Rev-Tac: Street Encounters
  • Aquil Qadir & Howard Maybury: Teaching Handgun Fundamentals 
  • Gabe White: (PSS) Pistol Shooting Solutions.

Helped Teach Classes With:

  • Kaery Dudenhofer: Sniper Pistol
  • Kaery Dudenhofer: Gut Wrenching Lessons
  • Tim Reedy: Range Readiness
  • Neil Weidner & John Correia: Church Security 
  • Neil Weidner & Christopher Bean: Sub-Second Draw.
  • Nikolus Vantine & Jacob Little: SD Enhanced CCW.
  • Nikolus Vantine & Jacob Little: POM Self Defense class
  • Nikolus Vantine & Jacob Little: Intro For Kids 22′
  • Around 50-75 One-on-One training sessions